French Style

Small Batch Ice Cream

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French Style

Small Batch Ice Cream

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We are going to be doing drops all spring and summer.
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How To Order

Monthly Ice Cream Flavor Launches

1. We announce the date and time of that month's flavor LAUNCH with teasers and all the mouth watering flavors that you'll be able to purchase. We also will announce a few local pick up days that will be at Gumtree Catering, Vernon, BC. Inventory goes fast so set your alarms! PROTIP: Always check Instagram or Facebook for the most current updates!

2. Go to the website on launch day and order your handmade, local ice cream and choose your PICKUP date and time. Keep in mind having items in your cart does not hold the items!

3. You arrive at Gumtree Catering on the date and time that you chose to pick up your order! Protip: Bring a cooler with an ice pack or two to really protect your ice cream!

4. IF you can't pick up your order from Gumtree Catering your order will be delivered to The Hot Bread Shoppe for pickup.

What if I missed the official launch but there's still ice cream on the website?

If you have missed that month's launch and pick up times ALL orders will be delivered to the Hot Bread Shoppe downtown Vernon, every Tuesday. If you order ice cream on Monday it will be delivered the next day (Tuesday). If you order ice cream on a Wednesday it will be delivered the following week on a Tuesday!


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